Hello and Welcome!!

I’m glad you found my website and I hope you’ll be in touch for a Chart Reading if you find something of value here!

I look at an Astrology Chart as a conversation between your Soul and the Universe (or God, Spirit, Love … however you name it).  As an Astrologer, I am kind of eavesdropping in on that conversation. I have studied (and continue to study) the language and the symbolism and I love sharing it with others. However, YOU are the only one who really knows what is being pointed to in that “conversation” and a Chart Reading can offer perspective & insight into the language for you that can lead to a more meaningful life experience.

There are several ways we can begin to decipher the symbols in your Birth Chart. Some people find a Chart Reading to be helpful each year around their birthday as a way of focusing their conscious attention in important ways for the year ahead.  Some people are interested in gaining insight and guidance into the charts of their children and find astrology an invaluable parenting tool.  Some people want to go deeper and work with me over several sessions to delve into the Spiritual symbolism in their chart and what my primary teacher calls “The Destiny Line.” 

Be in touch if you have questions about my approach or if you would like to schedule a Chart Reading with me.  xo

In the silence 

between your heartbeats
abides a summons.
Do you hear it ?

Name it if you must,
or leave it forever nameless,
but why pretend it is not there ?

Leave that which is not,
but appears to be.
Seek that which is,
but is not apparent.