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Astrology Chart Readings & Coaching Sessions – $75
Astrology is an ancient, symbolic, wisdom language that offers us guidance for our lives. Chart Readings and Coaching Sessions are currently through Zoom or FaceTime. Be in touch to let me know your Birth details (date, time & location) and to get a session scheduled.   
I look forward to working with you!

This reading is specific to the symbolism of relationships in your Birth Chart. I do the research and apply the Ancient Techniques and then record the interpretation and send it to you as an .mp3 file. (Please note: this can only be meaningful and helpful if we have an accurate time of birth). 

The “Relationship Signature” in a Birth Chart sheds light on questions like …

  • What does another person need to bring to the table, so to speak, for you to have the best potential of being happy in the long haul? Is the “long haul” even something you’re set up to strive for?
  • How do you typically approach relating to someone you’re attracted to (or even to people in general)? Do you embrace this part of yourself or has society given you the message to behave differently than your natural tendencies?
  • What “needs” do you have that you can’t seem to meet on your own and you look outside yourself for this? We all have them. The complication is that we usually don’t recognize them in ourselves.
  • What are you looking for from a relationship as a whole? What end goal does your chart reveal would be most satisfying to you? Are you set up to thrive in a marriage where you build a home & family together with someone or are your innate needs more autonomous & independent

Be in touch if you’d like to get on the schedule for this Deep Dive reading! 


COMING SOON – A DEEP DIVE into Life Path & Career Choices