Work with Me

Thank you for your interest in working with me!

You can send me a message here to let me know how I can help and what kind of session you are interested in scheduling.

Initial Birth Chart Reading ($75) – an in-depth overview of the major symbolic messages in your astrology chart – the strengths you are meant to draw on and the potential challenges you are meant to grow from – the self-awareness and understanding that can come from this type of reading can be profoundly healing. (recorded & sent as .mp3 file)

Annual Solar Return Chart Reading ($75) – a focused reading of the symbolism in your chart on your BIRTHDAY for the year ahead – the awareness of the current themes you are meant to focus on at this particular age can be a helpful navigation tool in life. (recorded & sent as .mp3 file)

Coaching Session ($75) – for when you’re looking to dive deeper into some aspect of your chart OR you want some guidance for staying aligned with your Inner Wisdom OR you want to work through a situation you are bumping up against that’s keeping you from finding joy, purpose & meaning – a series of sessions or a one-time session depending on your current needs. (by Zoom or Skype or in-person in Skippack, PA, USA)