About Me

Sue Wyatt Photo

I work as a life coach & astrologer helping people remember how to live a life of Joy, Meaning & Purpose.

I found astrology through a desperate need to understand the challenges I was facing in my life and the deep darkness I was feeling about it all. I was searching for wisdom & support and the traditional views I was holding were falling short.

The symbolic messages of possibility & potential in my Birth Chart offered me hope and reminded me that no matter what it looks like right now we are meant to enjoy our lives!

Astrology offered me perspective on my circumstances and on life in general and for years now I have shared this amazing, ancient wisdom with others.

If you’re ready to uncover the symbolic messages in your own chart and talk about ways to find more Joy, Meaning & Purpose in your life, I will be thrilled to hear from you! xo

For those interested in such things, I hold certifications & training in:

  • Transformational Astrology
  • Counseling Skills for Astrologers
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Quantum Human Design
  • Spiritual Psychosynthesis Life Coaching
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • B.A. in Secondary Education & Social Work